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We are so exited to launch our new 2016 website. gonna to big party wine

L'Alliance française de Moncton is more than a school!

Alliance française is all about diversity, surprise and delight! We invite you to visit us for an exhibition, a concert or movie, to sample fine wines and cheese, or take part in a conference. We organize activities every month for our students and members. And we believe that meeting other students and teachers, practicing your French and making friends are an essential part of your study experience with the Alliance française of Moncton.

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Culturethèque is an online multimedia librairy offering a wide range of French e-books, lectures, films, music, documentaries and plays online. Become a member of the Alliance française de Moncton and access it all for free.


  • Watch plays, conferences and documentaries
  • Listen to music, conferences and audiobooks
  • Read e-books online or on your e-reader

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