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    The Alliance française de Moncton (AFM) is a registered Canadian non-profit organization. Founded in 1999, the AFM welcomes more than 150 students each year, organizes about 30 events and has close to 50 active members every year. Our mission is to promote the French language and Francophone cultures. The Alliance française de Moncton is linked to the Foundation Alliance française, which was founded in Paris in 1883 and is today the most important worldwide non-profit organization specializing in the teaching of French as a second language. The Foundation Alliance française gathers more than 800 Alliances françaises branches in 135 countries, with over 550 000 students. In Canada alone, there are 9 Alliances françaises centres, with 160 instructors, more than 10 000 students a year,offering approximately 450 000 hours of instruction,7500 DELF exams and over 250 events each year. The courses are taught in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), which provides a common basis for the design of schedules, diplomas recognized worldwide, and allows international mobility.
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The AFM team consists of highly qualified and university trained instructors. Each one has extensive teaching experience and a deep passion for their work. With instructors from all around the globe, we bring you the vast Francophone world all in one place. The Francophone world is diverse, and our instructors represent the many varieties of our dear French language, and work to introduce you to it. They are skillful at adapting to learners of any age, objective, or language level. The AFM instructors are capable not only of designing French programs for specific purposes, but also of teaching to learners of any origin, adapting to unique cultural, phonetic, syntactic, and lexical backgrounds. And to top it off, our instructors are as friendly as they are professional – and are looking forward to meeting you!

image Emilie grew up in Lyon, France. She has a Master’s degree in teaching French as a second language and another in Communication and management of cultural and scientific projects. She has worked as a French instructor in Morocco, Mexico and Chile. She was also Director of an Alliance française in Chile. Emilie is qualified by the CIEP to train instructors to become examiner- corrector DELF/DALF. Open-minded and dynamic, Emilie is always gearing up for new pedagogical and cultural projects, in order to bring language and culture together.


image Jurgita is from Vilnius, Lithuania. She has a Bachelor's degree in French Philology and she studied in Lithuania, Switzerland and Spain. She also has a Master’s degree in French from Université de Moncton and is certified as an examiner-corrector DELF/DALF. She has been living in Moncton since 2009. Fascinated by the teaching profession, her purpose is to pass on her love of the French language, while incorporating some fun activities into her courses. Her students describe her as kind and strict at the same time.

Jurgita Mataciunaite

Course Coordinator & Instructor
image Laura is from Bordeaux, France. She has a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, specializing in teaching French as a Second Language. She also has a certification as an examiner-corrector DELF/DALF and a trainer for instructors to become examiner-corrector DELF/DALF. Serious, thorough discreet, Laura knows how to inspire confidence in her students.

Laura Chilon

image Mhammed is Moroccan Canadian. He studied linguistics and teaching French as a Second Language in Nancy, France. He has a Master's degree in Language Sciences and a degree from the École Normale. He is certified as an examiner-corrector DELF/ Dalf. His co-workers describe him as a calm person who is always ready to lend a hand. He seeks to build his students’ self-confidence and motivate them to want to learn French.

Mhammed El Ouazzani

image Sophie is from Normandie, France. She studied administration and management in Paris. She has a Master's degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a Post graduate degree in Business Administration. She also has a degree as an instructor of French as a Second Language (DAEFLE) and is certified as an examiner-corrector DELF/ DALF. Sophie is patient with her students and she takes time to match the objectives of the course with the student’s interests.

Sophie Gayer

image David Milette gets his passion for bilingualism from his home town of Montreal. His studies have included Pure and Applied Sciences (D.E.C., Vanier College, Montreal), Linguistics (B.A. spécialisation, Université de Montréal), Theology (M.Div., Brock University, Ontario), and Second Language Training (Adv.Certif. in TESL, Crandall University, Moncton). David enjoys getting to know new people and especially likes helping people to communicate better and to succeed in their various endeavours.

David Milette

image Originally from Niger (West Africa), Fatima graduated from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette (ULL), U.S.A. with a PhD in Francophone Studies and also has a Bachelor of Arts (French Modern Language) from the University of Niamey (Niger). Fatima most and above all enjoy seeing the "little light twinkle" in the eyes of her learners from the very first class. Fatima is a sponge, for she "absorbs, carries and gives back"; and that is what makes teaching her passion.




Francis Weil – President

Marie-Paule LeBlanc – Vice President

Michèle Wen – Secretary

Maguette Lo – Treasurer

Paul Delaney – Director

Denise Gallant – Director

Jesse Kerpan – Director

Lourdes O’Reilly – Director

Cindy Havens – Director

Peter R. Ford – Director